Saturday, January 16, 2010 @

halow :D

Friday, January 8, 2010 @
er er er... today very tired tired tired.... neck damn pain don noe why 0.o
hmmm. today go sch for marketing den pic den finish le haha pic lecture damn funny la o.o teacher kana li siao like o.o ....after sch went to play pool at amk K pool o.o me .. lousy de T_T. but ok la i played 3 rd for 2.50buck ._. lalalala...

went home around 6plus jitao lie on bed KO! slp with lens HAHA ... slp 2hr plus till 9pm o.o wake up jiu DOTA le. eat dinner till nw hoho!

tml going stay back do report _|_ NITEZ

Thursday, January 7, 2010 @
wooo too boring le.. so blog blog >< ...

today nv go sch at all haha.. cos wake up late den lazy go le lalalla .. stay at home dota rot.. but i gt do some work, i did Achem result liao le =) and yes! i damn happy de.. i managed to change my iphone themes le WOO WOO HAHA :D finally lo. wakkaa can go slp le nite peeps!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 @
halow all. so long nv update le haha. Happy new year to all first :D

tons of things happening but lazy type o.o
say abt today de ba haha.
went to take auto car lesson. it is just fker up la. the steering wheel like jelly den no power oh gosh. no way to get auto :P do turning hor will turn sharp or wide de -.- brake just cui. speed control more jialat lols. maybe the car i drove sux ba HAHA!
anw tml having lab at 9am ... cos i missed last lab gt to make up D: sian! 2more practical session for driving and 4 theory class and one driving stimulator !! somemore today tat instructor say i not enough lesson lo _|_ fkk. ok la cos i too tired to see car around me. i see ok den just do a lane change without proper check lols. nearly bang one taxi but if bang also his fault :P don wan let me pass keke .. i go slp le.. if gt time or wad den update lorh buai~

Monday, September 21, 2009 @
let me update something ... =D

Singlish Dictionary

Meaning: Can be "Oh shit" "FUCK!"
Eg. Commentator: "He's going for the goal..past one..past two, only him and the goalkeeper left..he shoots! ALAMAK!! He missed! idiot!"

Meaning: Adjective usually describing a person who always does not know what is going on.
Eg. Ah Beng has been going out with Ah Lian for 3 days and everyone knows about it except Ah Kow so you say, "Ah Kow, why you so blur one?"
Also see Sotong.

Bo Chup / Boh Chup (Same lar...agar can pronouce the noise out can le..)
Meaning: Don't give a rats ass
Eg. Today got Accounting class? Ahh..Bo Chup lah, don't go!

Boh Liao
Meaning: Meaningless
Eg. "I'm so sick of Ah Beng, he's always making a fool of himself, so Bo Liao!

Buay Song
Meaning: Not happy, normally used to describe not happy with something or with someone.
Eg: He buay song you is it? or You buay song things are to be done like that har?

Buay Ta Han
Meaning: State of intolerance
Eg. "See his face only buay tah han, so arrogant."

Meaning: Crocodile (literally), womanizer
Eg. "See, see, Ah Seng down there "buayaing" Ah Lian, see a-lady buay ta han, alway like that one."

Char Boh
Meaning - Members of the Female Human species.
Variations : Xiao Char Boh - That crazy dame !
Eg. Char Boh See Peh Swee - Man, check out that cool dudette !!

Meaning:Used to describe person or object that is very "Chinese", usually derogatory. If a person's behaviour, dressing, attitude seems to be very decidedly old-fashioned, belonging to one's grandparents' or even parents' era, then the word cheena is used.
Eg. A samfoo blouse with big flower prints in gaudy colours that are definitely not-in-season (something you would expect the average Ah Soh to wear) can be considered to be cheena.

Meaning: (adjective) means something that is difficult to understand because of its complexity. It may also be used to describe a word that is long and not used frequently. It may be ununderstandable or simply more complex than usual (remember that the average S'porean is really a simpleton at heart and mind...:)) Usually when confronted with something that appears to be more complex than 1+1, the S'porean would exclaim, "Why so CHIM one?" even before s/he begins to read or think about the "something". So in effect, the word "chim" can be used to describe words that are used in a difficult context too. Oh...this is just too chim for me to explain...;)
there is another word derived from "chim" which is chimiology (not sure about the spelling, not even sure if it should be chimology)...anyway, chimiology sounds more "chim"...:) Example: "Why he always use chimiology?" meaning why are his usage of words always so chim?
E.g. "eh! You very chim you know! Let's talk about that hot hot girl from MGS instead!"

Chin Chai
Meaning: No special preference
Eg. Question: Do you want to eat Kentucky or MacDonald?
Answer: Chin Chai lar

Meaning: reserve. For the KS S'poreans, this word is very useful.
Eg. In the school, you tell your friends to "go chope the 3rd row seats for me, ok?". When you go to concerts with free seating, you see some people coming very early choping seats for their relatives and friends.

Meaning: to reverse; frequently used by automobile drivers
Eg. Ahhh, you gostun first, then you can park over there lor...

Meaning: Hokkien for good luck or good fortune.
Eg. That day I very HENG you know; the mata never see me speed the red light.

Jia Lak
Literal: Eat Strength
Meaning: Problematic. Strength draining. Stress. Also refers to heavy work load.
Eg: "Eh,Ah Beng, your work how?", "Wah lau, jia lak man, no time to lelax!"
Variations: "Zin" Jia Lak meaning "Very" problematic. Often used before "Die,die"
Eg: "So how, he doe wan to lend?" "Zhi Jia Lak man, die, die, sure die one!"

kah Na Sai / KNS
Meaning :Like shit; to be hard done by or have bad luck happening to one.
Eg. Wah lao, today I went to school and met this Headmaster, KNS man!

Meaning: sleep (pp kooning)
Eg. I am so sian, I need to koon. Don't disturb me when I'm kooning

Mai Tu Liao!
Meaning : Don't waste time.
Eg. At a buffet lunch, a group of soldiers who had just booked out of camp were shown to a table.
One of them say, Mai Tu Liao, attack the food!

Nah Beh / NB
Meaning: A word use to scold when irritated (widely use by me)
Eg. "NB lor...sibei pek this that cannot"

Obiang (pronounced AWE- BIANG)
Meaning: Exquisite example of a Singlish word. No known English equivalent
Root word unknown. Approximate meaning is "outlandishly inappropriate";out of place.
Eg. Aiyoh! Ah Beng you go party wear clothes so Obaing, where got girls come and tackle you.Must waer like me so stylo mylo lah! Beh heow aye!

Pai sey
Meaning : Shy, embarassing
Eg. "Wah the teacher always pick me in front of the whole class, damn pai sey lah."

Meaning: Short form for 'Suddenly'
Eg. "I was about to make a right turn. Sacally this car appears from nowhere and nearly langah me!"

Siao Eh
Meaning: Term used to address any close friend or platoon mate in NS
Literal meaning : crazy one
Eg. "Seow eh, ho seh bo?" (How's it going?)
"Like dat lah, damn sian"

Meaning : Tired
Eg. "Wah low, after the midnight show last night, this morning wake up damn shack man!"

Meaning: Feeling good
Eg. "After exam realli shiok, don have to study anymore."

Meaning: When you say, "I am very sian", it means that you are very bored. For extra emphasis, the phrase "you got nothing better to do is it" could be used together too.
Eg. "Why you very sian, got nothing better to do izzit, read this kind of trash?"

Meaning: difficult, tough-going, hard
Eg. The Financial Management paper is very siong.

Stylo Milo
Meaning: Stylish
Eg: Wah, you wear like that, very stylo milo maann.
Also refers to an action, the way something is done or a problem is solved.
Eg: Wah, Ah Beng, you do ly dat very stylo milo one man.

Sua Ku
Meaning : Mountain turtle Country bumpkin
Eg. "Wah lau, Ah Seng, you are from Bukit Timah Hill one har, so sua ku, Marina Square also don't know where?"

Meaning: Insult, Mock, Scoff, Sneer (& more)
Eg. Everytime I say something, they always Suan me! Why they so ly dat?

Meaning: Down on one's luck
Eg, "Zin suay leh, how come the teacher has to pick me."

Meaning: Endure
Eg. One of these days, I cannot tahan dat buggers face, I'll whack him up man!

Meaning: "to hit" in Malay. Can be used in Singlish to denote being attacked unfairly or being used as a scapegoat
Eg. Wah! My koplal very siong man!Never pun-chan me. Always like to TEKAN me for small-small thing one. wait one day I sure sabotage him back.

Tok Kong
Meaning : Special, Unique
Eg. "Ah Seng very the Tok Kong, he can swim and smoke at the same time one."

Sunday, August 23, 2009 @
hoho... come here blog awhile ~~
this weekend went to suntec to have my dinner...
Ichiban Boshi
the food quite nice and not bad hoho.... can eat quite full de if u order the set meal =DD
cost around 17++ / set -.-' but worth it ~~

2more days to math zzz. haven even start NICE -.- die liao hoho
btw .. i passed my evaluation for ftt hoho.. so 28 i'm going take the real ftt test ._. hope pass pass! buai

Monday, August 17, 2009 @
WOOOOO.. so long nv blog liao HOHO.
sry la. me very busy ppl lai de :) nid to study... i'm such a good boy.. study a nite before my exam HAHA. but still managed to scored :) hoho

alr.. nw not so busy liao.. so shuang wooo cos cleared 4modules left 3more hoho. fpm the most jialat de... don care so much liao.. me enjoy firsst ... this coming week wed going for my ftt evaluation hope can pass cos ftt on 28aug D: lalalala... i want to learn drive... hols come fasterrrr... btw me going genting on 14 to 16 sept haha... very cheap wor 3d2n 85buck plus transport and hotel and bf HAHA.

okeee... me going bath liaooooooo .. just wake up :D buai..
got time den update =D

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